Bring on the mini-packs!
As we enter the cooler months it's likely that we will be spending more time outdoors: walking our pets, strolling the outdoor malls, accompanying our children during their walks to school, family playtime at the neighborhood park, etc. 
With the new activities of Fall upon us, why not switch out your usual handbag for a more outdoor-friendly mini backpack? Elegantly designed with minimal external pockets and aesthetically pleasing metal zippers, these backpacks are the ideal carry-all for Fall. 
Sized perfectly to fit all the essentials of your handbag, including a water bottle, small snacks, a book or e-reader and of course daily beauty tools, electronics and wallets, these mini-backpacks are a luxurious alternative to otherwise strictly athletic, oversized backpacks. 
These mini backpacks are available in black, camel, beige and grey. 
Perfectly sized, elegantly crafted, and colored to create the perfect accessory to any outfit -- $68.00 while inventory lasts! 
Break the mold: be BOLD

Fall styles may automatically bring to mind visions of earthy tones (camel, taupe, forest green, amber, gold) and natural fabrics like wool and silk: warm, sensual, and comforting. 

Break the mold of traditional autumnal garb and dare to be bold! Keep autumnal consistency by incorporating natural elements in your next outfit by pairing with elemental jewelry, like these stone pendants. The first is a beautiful pressed silver pendant; the second, a rich red stone encapsulated in a decorative silver wrapping. No need to stick to earthy tones, when you can showcase your worldliness through your jewelry!

The high contrast and pure hues of black and red mixed with the shining silver of the pendants create an eye-catching combination sure to stand out from the crowd. While everyone else may blend into the scene with their understated colors, you will surely stand out. 


Sammy's Pick of the Week

Sammy, Paris Paris' resident mascot and connoisseur of all things classy and chic, is here today to announce his Pick of the Week!

Sammy says, 

"I find the lovely green pairing of this floral blouse and skirt to be quite lovely, and it will transition beautifully into the fall season!" 

The sparkling detail of the blouse does a wonderful job of adding visual interest between the flowing layers. The material of both the top and bottom pieces is silky to the touch and sways ever so elegantly as the wearer moves. 

Visit any of our three valley locations to experience the luxury that is this blouse and skirt combo - after all, it is Sammy's pick!

A chic and sassy twist on a classic staple.

Cardigans and pullovers. Closet staples for decades, due in part to their practicality and versatility (what with their warmth, added style, and being the perfect cover-up for more conservative occasions). Is it time you updated your collection of fall and winter sweaters?

Whether paired with jeans and ballet flats, a little black dress, or tucked into a pencil skirt, cardigans and pullovers can be further customized through their color, cut, thickness, and embellishment. 

This fall season we are excited to feature this adorable Kiss Me pullover, which features a pair of sassy lashes and an embroidered pout. 

The beauty of Paris Paris clothing is the variety of ways in which each piece can be styled. Though this pullover has an inherently feminine, flirty look, it can be rocked with a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans, studded boots, and black geometric jewelry for an unexpected edge. 

Soften the look with a pleated skirt made of white silk, for a flowing feminine appeal. Pair with your favorite pearls, ballet flats, and soft wavy hair for a more subdued and elegant feel. 

Explore the variety of ways that this piece can be customized. At Paris Paris, we encourage you to bring your own style to the store. Take our clothing and add your own flair for a highly personalized look!

From Breezy Bohemian to City Chic

Versatile pieces are key as we begin transitioning from summer to fall. Rather than stock your closet with seasonal-specific pieces that fall under one seasonal look, why not adopt a more fluid fashion philosophy? Choosing pieces that can be accessorized and carried over through seasonal boundaries are both financially friendly and will free up room in your closet. Win win! 

Take this full-length black tunic with a fantastic side slit, for example. 

For a free-flowing summer evening look, match the black tunic with a pair of wide-leg yoga or gaucho pants. The fabric will fan out between the side slit and create an elegant ruffle. The movement of the fabric as you walk gives off a distinctly bohemian feel, while maintaining the edginess found in the shoulder cut-out. 

If boho isn't your style, transform the tunic into a city chic ensemble by pairing with fitted leggings - cropped or full length, with strappy sandals or pumps. With a simple switch of the bottom layer you can create two distinct looks that are appropriate for both summer and fall. Toss a hat or scarf for an extra punch of style, and this look can even extend into the winter months!