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Paris Paris was founded by French owner Claude Amiel during the late 1970s in San Diego. Claude’s meticulous eye for fashion and design quickly led to the store’s expansion into Arizona. The first store opened at the Biltmore Fashion Park in 1986, quickly sparking Arizonans' desire for unique women’s fashion with a European flair. Over the course of the next two decades, Paris Paris would open two more locations in Scottsdale.


Paris Paris’s mission is to provide you a unique shopping experience that allows you to infuse your home and wardrobe with highly stylized and eclectic pieces which incorporate a distinct European flair.

Taking visual influence from the elegance and glamour of French fashion, forward-thinking and deliberate clothing construction of Italy, and the ornate, rustic details of Indian and Mexican furniture, Paris Paris provides you the ability to customize your life by choosing from our extensive spectrum of international. 


Paris Paris’s vision is to continue providing women a one-of-a-kind, highly customer service-oriented shopping experience; to discover and source fine clothing and furniture from merchants across the globe.


Paris Paris values your decision-making process, eye for style, and appreciation of finely-constructed and beautiful goods. That’s why we source our clothing and furniture from the most sophisticated global merchants. Paris Paris encourages you to be highly selective and experimental with your fashion and home decor.

By providing you with a wide selection of the world’s top quality merchandise for homeware and fashion, Paris Paris fulfills its mission to provide you a unique and customized shopping experience. Paris Paris delivers unique pieces that can’t be found in any other store, at prices that are highly competitive compared to what it would cost you to travel or order the same internationally-sourced pieces yourself.

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