Bring on the mini-packs!

As we enter the cooler months it's likely that we will be spending more time outdoors: walking our pets, strolling the outdoor malls, accompanying our children during their walks to school, family playtime at the neighborhood park, etc. 
With the new activities of Fall upon us, why not switch out your usual handbag for a more outdoor-friendly mini backpack? Elegantly designed with minimal external pockets and aesthetically pleasing metal zippers, these backpacks are the ideal carry-all for Fall. 
Sized perfectly to fit all the essentials of your handbag, including a water bottle, small snacks, a book or e-reader and of course daily beauty tools, electronics and wallets, these mini-backpacks are a luxurious alternative to otherwise strictly athletic, oversized backpacks. 
These mini backpacks are available in black, camel, beige and grey. 
Perfectly sized, elegantly crafted, and colored to create the perfect accessory to any outfit -- $68.00 while inventory lasts! 

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