Prom dress trends for 2017

Prom season is here. Now what kinds of styles will be popular this year? We have just gotten our shipment of La Femme dresses, and here are the style trends that we are seeing:

Florals: Modern embroidery and mega prints just brought flower power back.

High necklines: High is the new low for a reason. It’s chic and easy to wear, especially for dancing.

Illusion & cutouts: AKA the most flattering dress details ever. Look for cutouts at the waist or on dramatic backs.

Wine: This deep shade of red is a double-threat combo of fancy and fun. Bright blues and soft blushes are also in the mix
this season.

Two-pieces: Show skin or do a faux crop look with sheer mesh in the middle. Either way, winner.

Dazzling clutches: Keep essentials handy in a disco-ball bag, and toss in your jewelry when you’re ready to dress down.

Adore hand-painted vests... Personalize them your way!

Express your sassy side with this gorgeous Adore hand-painted vest. 

Now on sale for $73, this vest can be worn in multiple styles!

Layer this vest over a sporty tank top and leggings, or pair with skinny jeans and a long-sleeve cotton tee.

This asymmetrical vest can also be styled with a belt, tied in the front, and worn backward while being wrapped and tied around the front middle!

Versatility, pops of color, and asymmetrical hems give you plenty of variety in how you can choose to wear this vest. 

Visit your nearest Paris Paris to check out our multiple colors and patterns of this beautiful Adore vest!


Ruggedly Chic: Canvas Satchels

Autumn is a time for adventures. Are you prepared to grab your bag and dash out the door to the excitement that awaits?

If so, toss your essentials into your bag and head on out! Look good doing it with these rugged satchels made by Mona B.

Made of canvas with suede and leather pockets and ties, these satchels are perfect for stashing all of the contents from your purse to take on your next adventure. 

Prices range from $60 to $85. Swing by Paris Paris today to pick out your next adventure satchel!

Pewter: the New Neutral

The new neutral: Pewter. 

Black, white, grey... While these closet classics are guaranteed to pair successfully with just about every other color of the rainbow, they lack a certain visual dimension. 

Enter pewter, a beautiful metallic-neutral-hybrid guaranteed to add extra "oomph" and visual interest to any outfit. More subdued than silver, more dimensional than grey, pewter is a lovely compromise between a standard neutral and an overpowering metallic. 

Try accessorizing pewter with a lace shawl, silver or bronze jewelry, or a rich, multicolored patterned scarf. The options are truly endless!

Sammy's Pick of the Week: Wide Leg Pant Dress

It's Sammy again, and this week I'm eyeing Paris Paris's new Samuel Dong Wide Leg Pant Dress, available now in gorgeous royal blue!

I even coordinated my necktie to complement this gorgeous piece. Elegantly structured with crisp but flowing lines, and simply eye-catching with its rich blue hue, this pant dress would make an idea ensemble to wear to your next dinner date, symphony or theater outing, or to make a fashionable entrance at an upcoming holiday party!

Embrace your boldness with this striking wide leg pant dress. Now available for $175!

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