Break the mold: be BOLD

Fall styles may automatically bring to mind visions of earthy tones (camel, taupe, forest green, amber, gold) and natural fabrics like wool and silk: warm, sensual, and comforting. 

Break the mold of traditional autumnal garb and dare to be bold! Keep autumnal consistency by incorporating natural elements in your next outfit by pairing with elemental jewelry, like these stone pendants. The first is a beautiful pressed silver pendant; the second, a rich red stone encapsulated in a decorative silver wrapping. No need to stick to earthy tones, when you can showcase your worldliness through your jewelry!

The high contrast and pure hues of black and red mixed with the shining silver of the pendants create an eye-catching combination sure to stand out from the crowd. While everyone else may blend into the scene with their understated colors, you will surely stand out. 


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