Using Gold Leaf for a Dash of Glamour

Gold leaf: a striking accent for your home that easily transitions from season to season!

Combine the beautiful gold color and dazzling shimmer of this metallic sheeting for an unexpected pop in your home accessories.

Gold leaf takes us back to the very elegant and luxurious Art Deco movement, during which glamour and functionality were highly prized in regard to home decor and personal dress. Gold leaf, in small amounts, imbues a subtle elegance to your home. Not too garish, but noticeable nonetheless! Incorporate traces of gold leaf in your candle displays, glassware, book spines, and glass boxes (as seen here). 

For a more apparent dash of color and shine, transform your antique lamp bases with a coating of gold metallic paint to replicate the glamour of gold leaf. The same can be applied to mirrors, whether framed with metal or wood, ceramics, and furniture legs. 

Gold leaf is an appropriate decorate touch for all seasons. In spring, gold leaf reflects new life and the arrival of long-missed sunshine. In summer, gold leaf hearkens back to the glimmer of sun on the water of your favorite lake or ocean. Gold leaf coordinates with the beautiful changing of fall leaves from green to a rich gold, and in winter gold leaf reminds us of soothing firelight. 

Experiment with gold leaf for each season! How do you incorporate this lovely metallic touch in your home during the summer months?

Style It: Handpainted Wood Elephant

This gorgeous little elephant is hand-painted and hand-carved, making it the perfect addition to a rustic or boho-inspired space.


Pair it with bright, complementary colors and exotic textures. Think fuchsia, turquoise, and sunflower yellow for hues, and materials that feature sequins or faux fur. Going white works just as well, and can have a super luxe result; just be sure to add plenty of mixed textures or patterns to prevent the decor from feeling flat.


Place it in a room with too many heavy colors, particularly brown. Doing this will make the space feel weighed down, and the elephant itself will blend in and be forgotten.

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How to Wear It: Ciao Milano Ombré Sweater

Crisp white jeans and a classic watch give this outfit the perfect mix of fresh and timeless, and the fun metallic loafers perfectly match the hue on the ombré sweater, bringing the whole thing full-circle.

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Our Favorites: January
1. Yellow planter, $25.00

It's bright, fresh, and modern, making this the perfect planter for a new year. Stick a succulent in it or a plant that's super hard to kill for easy enjoyment.

2. Distressed statue, $79.00
Small in size, this statue is like a bring-it-home version of the ones you see in fancy museums. Also mega contemporary, place it in virtually any space and it'll work.

This convertible backpack has a ton of street style appeal; prepare for bloggers stopping you to ask where it's from!

Cozy and a bit artsy, this cardigan will work for both winter and spring.

This necklace feels so decadent, and the black and gold make it as cool as anything. Start 2015 with a lion around your neck and watch the year bow to you.

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