Just In: Direct from France & Italy

What a day at Paris Paris! This morning we received an extensive shipment of new merchandise directly from France and Italy. 

These beautiful pieces range from soft pastels to deep and vibrant hues; from subtle, earthy shades to sparkling metallics. Blouses, skirts, dresses, trousers and leggings, etc. 

Paris Paris helps you dress to your style by offering a variety of looks. Choose from soft and flowing to angular and avant-garde. Bohemian? Classic? We showcase the perfect pieces to suit your preferences. 

Come explore our fabulous inventory today and expect to be "wowed" with our new influx of style!

How to Wear It: Grecian Leaf Necklace and Earrings

Winter weather doesn't mean you have to stash everything cute and wear only puffy coats. A thick chambray shirt can offer quite a bit of warmth, with cozy jeans and boots taking it up a notch; top the look off with a gold statement necklace and aviators, and you're good to go all winter long.
Adore Checkered Ombre Cardigan

Cozy up in this super cute outfit, which is earthy-chic thanks to warm-hued leather and textured knits. A solid yet far-from-plain shell makes a perfect base piece, and when layered underneath our favorite ombre cardigan, it all comes together to create a cute and casual look.
How to Wear It: Adore Paneled Moto Jacket

Finally is finally here! Even if it's still blazing hot where you live, you can still dream, right? We love the cozy texture of this heather gray sweater paired with the edgy moto jacket, with a soft beige bootie rounding it out. God, we missed booties.
How to Wear It: Faux Leather Weave Tote

Is it fall yet? If you're as lucky as we are to be in sunny Arizona...well, we empathize. While we were dreaming of layered sweaters and comfy boots, we came up with a new How to Wear It that combines our favorite things from both summer and fall. It's a win win!
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