Link Party 4.3.15

Here are 5 easy ways to overcome humanity's mortal enemy: cravings.

These easter eggs are probably the prettiest we've ever seen (and you can do them yourself!).

Looking for a fresh entertaining idea? We love what Emily's come up with.

If you're thinking of chopping off your hair, take a look here.

Hmmm...is the 'non-beauty' trend really a trend, or has it been around since forever?

What are your plans for the weekend? Tell us in the comments!

Link Party 3.6.15

Who doesn't want to save $$$ on travel? See you at the Hotel Paradis!

Um...cinnamon sugar fortune cookies. Enough said.

After you've stuffed your face with those, try out these sneaky cauliflower recipes.

Oh, these'll definitely come in handy: 5 podcasts to make your commute a little better.

Is your bedroom sleep sanctuary status?

What are your weekend plans? Stay safe!

Link Party 2.27.15

Yep...definitely in love with these nail trends for 2015.

Ever struggled with cleaning your upholstered furniture? Yeah, us too.

Whether you're a romantic or not, these hairstyles are just plain pretty.

"When in doubt, waffles". We'd take life advice from Leslie Knope any day.

When was the last time you took a really killer road trip? Here are 5 west coast destinations to think about (Scottsdale gets a shout-out)!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Link Party 2.20.15


We love our pets, but do we love them enough to get a stuffed replica of them? (The answer is yes).

FINALLY! Try putting all that unused space under your shelves to good use.

Got a ton of digital photos you have no idea how to organize? Here are five awesome tips.

A new way to look at happiness.

Looking to revamp your collection of kitchen tools? These are tried and true (not to mention stylish).

What are your plans for the weekend? Have a fantastic one!

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