Book Boxes: Your Secret Storage Solution

To display, or hide away? Therein lies the rub!

Luckily for you, book boxes provide the perfect solution for your decorative storage needs. Cleverly designed as antique leather-bound novels and compendiums, book boxes open to reveal a hollow inside compartment - perfect for stashing away odds and ends that you may wish to keep out of sight for fear or clutter, or tucked away for privacy. 

The beauty of book boxes is that they can also be used as an open display. By propping the front cover ajar, you create a contained space that can be accessorized with jewelry, office supplies, candles, etc. 

 Here a few ways to use book boxes in your home!

1. Create a jewelry display. Store your necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. both inside and hanging from the open lid.

2. Hide your television remotes rather than leave them out in the open.

3. Contain your electronic accessories: charging cables, wall plugs, and earbuds.

4. Store cosmetics, accessories and beauty tools in a book box. Use one box each for nail polish, hair pins and elastics, makeup brushes, etc.

5. Organize your incense and essential oil collections. Separate by scent!

6. Use a book box as an office supplies container. Use one box for writing utensils, sticky notes or loose paper, and another for binder clips, staples, and paperclips.

7. Book boxes can be used as a container for sewing and craft tools. Store your thread collection and sewing machine accessories in one beautiful spot!

8. Hide your pet accessories: leash, brush, treats (in a ziplock bag), and more!

Book boxes can be elegantly displayed in multiple locations at home. Stack them on a side table, prop them among real books on your bookshelf, tuck one in the corner of your kitchen or bathroom counter... the options are endless!

What would you store in a book box? Let us know in the comments!

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