5 Tips For an Inspiring Space


Photo credit: designsponge.com

1. Keep it clean

When you become mindful about the cleanliness of your space every day as opposed to doing one big cleaning session once a year, you develop a sense of pride in where you live. Keep tables and countertops free of clutter, clean your ceiling fans once every few weeks, and wipe down your baseboards regularly. You'll be amazed at the difference.

2. Use your favorite scents

Between cleaning, organizing, and generally trying to keep your sanity, the scent of your home can become a forgotten thought. Keep your favorite candles stocked up so you always have one to burn, and spray your sheets with a mist you adore. The lovely scents will put a smile on your face no matter how crazy things are.

3. Fill it with inspirational quotes

What better way to create an uplifting space than to surround yourself with beautiful quotes? Our inspirational vases were designed to encourage you every time you see them (not to mention house your favorite flowers).

Pictured above: Ceramic Scripture Vase, $29, Ceramic Inspirational Vase, $29.

4. Only keep what you love

You know that throw pillow you're not crazy about, that your co-worker knitted and gave you as a gift? Or that piece of jewelry you received for Christmas that you never wear? Despite the loving intentions behind them, belongings like this only take up space, and add to our already cluttered lives. Allow yourself to donate what doesn't bring you joy, and you'll feel a whole lot lighter.

5. Foster positive vibes

Negativity will inevitably creep into our lives at times, but in our own homes, we have the power to control it. Start every morning feeling grateful for the roof over your head, and you're setting yourself up for a beautiful day.

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