How to Have a Cozy Living Room (Even in the Summer)

What do you picture when you think of the word "cozy"? Probably a big, comfy couch...warm knit cocoa in hand...a typical winter scene. Coziness is most often associated with cold weather months, but it doesn't have to be that way. A cozy summer space is more than possible, with a few minor adjustments.

1. A light blanket.

Switch out your heavier throw blanket for one that's light yet still super cozy. Make it one with a fun pattern or in a bright color and you're sure to bring some life into the room.

Try this: Reversible Border Stripe Throw from West Elm.

2. Fresh-smelling candles.

Candles and winter go together like PB&J, but why restrict them to just one time of year? Flickering candles can bring some ambiance to summer, so instead of the typical food smells of winter, go with something light and fresh.

Try this: Voluspa Maison Metallo Candle in Saijo Persimmon from Paris Paris.

3. A pop of color.

Fall and winter are all about neutral hues, while spring and summer bring out the color. If your space is looking a little drab, punch it up with a bright throw pillow or vase.

Try this: Dreambirds Vase by Anthropologie.

4. String lights.

String lights are no longer only meant for Christmas or college dorms. Grown-up lights like the copper ones below can add a warm, cozy atmosphere to your living room - try lining them around the ceiling or stringing them on an indoor plant.

Try this: Amber Lights on Copper Wire from Restoration Hardware.

5. A (faux) fire.

Who says a fire needs warmth? When entertaining guests or simply enjoying the space on your own, put on a digital fire. This way you get the crackle and warm glow without the unnecessary heat.

Try this: Fireplace: Classic on Amazon.

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