Holiday Gift Guide: The Traveler (+ Giveaway!)

It's crazy how fast the holiday season sneaks up, isn't it? While we can't do anything about the passage of time, we CAN help you be super prepared! Over the next two weeks we'll be sharing our special holiday gift guides with you, including the chance to win one of the items. Yay!
To kick things off we'll be paying homage to the travel lover in your life. Short of a lifetime supply of plane tickets, these items are sure to make her giddy.

A stylish travelista wouldn't be caught dead with a boring old suitcase. This faux croc bag is chic, roomy, and highly versatile. Buy online!

2. Plaid Scarf, $25.00

One thing we all know is that planes can get cold. To keep your globetrotter pal from freezing to death before she reaches her destination, get her this classic plaid scarf to cozy up with.

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Every sightseer worth her salt has hundreds and hundreds of photos...somewhere. This pretty frame will give her the kick in the pants she needs to sort through them. Buy online!

These are really just for fun; you can't go wrong with a decor piece that gives a nod to her favorite pasttime. Buy online!

5. Wrinkle-Free Empire Jacket, $170.00 (In store only)

Folding, packing, and unpacking can be a pain, even for a seasoned vet. This light jacket is wrinkle-free, so it can be tossed into a suitcase last minute and emerge ready to wear.

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