Trick or Treat: 5 Easy, Last-Minute Costumes

Okay, that may be a bit much. But even if you disagree, it's indisputable that Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays we celebrate. Fourth of July is patriotic, Thanksgiving is delicious, and Christmas is jolly...but Halloween is straight up fun. The big day is almost here, and if you were too busy being awesome to figure out your costume, don't freak out. We've compiled five last minute costumes that are easy, believable, and won't break the bank.

Rosie is classic in every sense of the word, and with this costume you can't go wrong. Don't forget to pump some iron the night before your debut.

We all know her, we all love her (and if you don't, just grab the nearest kid and ask them). Dress up as this purple princess and you'll bring folks back to their childhoods.

The scariest option on this list, Carrie is both easy to put together and easy to guess. You definitely won't be getting any "who?"s with this one.

Oh, Twiggy. The sixties are always a fun time period to dive into on Halloween...just find a simple mod dress at the nearest thrift store and you're halfway there.

Cats are a Halloween staple, and this costume is a new take on an old classic. If you don't have a burlap sack laying around, pick up some cheap fake money and toss it into a clear bag. Meow!

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