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    • August 25, 2016 Just In: Direct from France & Italy

      What a day at Paris Paris! This morning we received an extensive shipment of new merchandise directly from France and Italy. 

      These beautiful pieces range from soft pastels to deep and vibrant hues; from subtle, earthy shades to sparkling metallics. Blouses, skirts, dresses, trousers and leggings, etc. 

      Paris Paris helps you dress to your style by offering a variety of looks. Choose from soft and flowing to angular and avant-garde. Bohemian? Classic? We showcase the perfect pieces to suit your preferences. 

      Come explore our fabulous inventory today and expect to be "wowed" with our new influx of style!

    • August 23, 2016 Using Gold Leaf for a Dash of Glamour

      Gold leaf: a striking accent for your home that easily transitions from season to season!

      Combine the beautiful gold color and dazzling shimmer of this metallic sheeting for an unexpected pop in your home accessories.

      Gold leaf takes us back to the very elegant and luxurious Art Deco movement, during which glamour and functionality were highly prized in regard to home decor and personal dress. Gold leaf, in small amounts, imbues a subtle elegance to your home. Not too garish, but noticeable nonetheless! Incorporate traces of gold leaf in your candle displays, glassware, book spines, and glass boxes (as seen here). 

      For a more apparent dash of color and shine, transform your antique lamp bases with a coating of gold metallic paint to replicate the glamour of gold leaf. The same can be applied to mirrors, whether framed with metal or wood, ceramics, and furniture legs. 

      Gold leaf is an appropriate decorate touch for all seasons. In spring, gold leaf reflects new life and the arrival of long-missed sunshine. In summer, gold leaf hearkens back to the glimmer of sun on the water of your favorite lake or ocean. Gold leaf coordinates with the beautiful changing of fall leaves from green to a rich gold, and in winter gold leaf reminds us of soothing firelight. 

      Experiment with gold leaf for each season! How do you incorporate this lovely metallic touch in your home during the summer months?

    • August 16, 2016 Book Boxes: Your Secret Storage Solution

      To display, or hide away? Therein lies the rub!

      Luckily for you, book boxes provide the perfect solution for your decorative storage needs. Cleverly designed as antique leather-bound novels and compendiums, book boxes open to reveal a hollow inside compartment - perfect for stashing away odds and ends that you may wish to keep out of sight for fear or clutter, or tucked away for privacy. 

      The beauty of book boxes is that they can also be used as an open display. By propping the front cover ajar, you create a contained space that can be accessorized with jewelry, office supplies, candles, etc. 

       Here a few ways to use book boxes in your home!

      1. Create a jewelry display. Store your necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. both inside and hanging from the open lid.

      2. Hide your television remotes rather than leave them out in the open.

      3. Contain your electronic accessories: charging cables, wall plugs, and earbuds.

      4. Store cosmetics, accessories and beauty tools in a book box. Use one box each for nail polish, hair pins and elastics, makeup brushes, etc.

      5. Organize your incense and essential oil collections. Separate by scent!

      6. Use a book box as an office supplies container. Use one box for writing utensils, sticky notes or loose paper, and another for binder clips, staples, and paperclips.

      7. Book boxes can be used as a container for sewing and craft tools. Store your thread collection and sewing machine accessories in one beautiful spot!

      8. Hide your pet accessories: leash, brush, treats (in a ziplock bag), and more!

      Book boxes can be elegantly displayed in multiple locations at home. Stack them on a side table, prop them among real books on your bookshelf, tuck one in the corner of your kitchen or bathroom counter... the options are endless!

      What would you store in a book box? Let us know in the comments!

    • March 07, 2016 Style It: Handpainted Wood Elephant

      This gorgeous little elephant is hand-painted and hand-carved, making it the perfect addition to a rustic or boho-inspired space.


      Pair it with bright, complementary colors and exotic textures. Think fuchsia, turquoise, and sunflower yellow for hues, and materials that feature sequins or faux fur. Going white works just as well, and can have a super luxe result; just be sure to add plenty of mixed textures or patterns to prevent the decor from feeling flat.


      Place it in a room with too many heavy colors, particularly brown. Doing this will make the space feel weighed down, and the elephant itself will blend in and be forgotten.

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