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Our Favorites: January

1. Yellow planter, $25.00 It's bright, fresh, and modern, making this the perfect planter for a new year. Stick a succulent in it or a plant that's super hard to kill for easy enjoyment. 2. Distressed statue, $79.00 Small in size, this statue is like a bring-it-home version of the ones you see in fancy museums. Also mega contemporary, place it in virtually any space and it'll work. 3. Convertible Shoulder Bag Backpack, $198.00 This convertible backpack has a ton of street style appeal; prepare for bloggers stopping you to ask where it's from! 4. Gray Wool and Mohair Cardigan, $155.00 Cozy and a bit artsy, this cardigan will work for both winter and spring. 5. Gold and Black Lion...

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5 Coffee Table Books with Seasonal Flair

The holiday season is officially here, and that means lots of things. There's cooking to be done, family to be had, gifts to be given...and our personal favorite, spaces to be decorated! There are endless ways to make your dwelling super festive, but why not make it super well-read too?! We've curated a short and sweet list of five coffee table books that will stimulate your mind AND living room. With classic black and white, deep reds, and warm purples, these books will bring your holiday decor up a notch. Bring the conversation over to Twitter or Facebook and tell us your favorite coffee table books. We want to hear from you!

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